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Our Sourdough Baking Mixes are made with simple, real food ingredients and crafted with 100% fermented organic grains. They are intentionally crafted with flavor and nutrition in mind. Not to mention, no shortcuts, no pesticides, no herbicides, or anything artificial! Shop our full line of sourdough 
baking mixes below!

"I literally eat Jesha’s sourdough pancakes for breakfast every morning. They’re so delicious, light and fluffy, and made with exceptional ingredients. Love that it’s naturally fermented, and it’s a great pre-workout meal!"

— Dan B. on Jesha's Mixes

The Jesha's Promise


With our bubbly, probiotic-rich sourdough culture (named Stella!)


Nutrient-rich and flavorful from ancient + heritage grains


Crafted with 100% real food ingredients only


Small batches. Fermented 24-72 hours. Purposefully Crafted.

"I’m gluten intolerant and have been gluten free for years, but I’m able to enjoy Jesha’s baking mixes because they are real sourdough! So much better than the alternatives, and cleaner ingredients too."

— Lauren T. on Jesha's Mixes

They’re Feeling It

"The banana bread and pumpkin spice bread whipped up in about 5 minutes. What I love is their subtle sweetness, making them perfect for breakfast."

“The best pancakes ever! The flavor is BOMB and the fluffiness is superb. My kids and husband rave about Jesha’s, and I love that it’s real sourdough. Amazing!”

“...These sourdough baking mixes don’t just taste good, they’re unreal! It’s that irreplaceable, irresistible, tastes-just-like-home-made goodness. Every single time.”