From gluten-sensitive and grain-free 

to sourdough-obsessed

After learning as a young adult that I have Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (aka gluten sensitivity or intolerance),I spent years living a totally grain-free, paleo lifestyle. It served me well, but when I discovered the power of sourdough fermentation in 2018 I decided to reintroduce grains back into my life, so long as they were fermented – and to my amazement remained totally symptom free! Sourdough fermentation is a 6,000 year old process that activates essential vitamins and minerals, breaks down gluten proteins and complex starches, and boosts polyphenols, transforming grains into a bonafide superfood.

Our mission at Jesha’s is to help revive sourdough, a wholesome and ancient tradition that has enabled people to thrive off of grains as a primary staple food for thousands of years. Sourdough is incredibly nutritious, made with the simplest ingredients, and crafted in a way that allows grains to nourish us best.

I hope you enjoy the delicious flavor and outstanding health benefits of sourdough fermentation just as much as I do!

– Jesha

A love for sourdough...

A wholesome tradition for the modern kitchen


At Jesha’s, we employ a long and slow fermentation with sourdough culture to create the most delicious and nutritious foods possible. By harnessing mother nature’s brilliant technology, sourdough fermentation transforms a simple seed into a nourishing superfood.


Simple Ingredients & Purposefully Crafted


Shop our line of sourdough baking mixes. Made with simple, real food ingredients, organic ancient and heritage grains, and crafted with a long and slow fermentation process. It's wholesome deliciousness that the whole family will love.



From Seed to Superfood

It all begins with organic grains grown in healthy soil + small batch fermentation. We are on a mission to redefine the modern kitchen with sourdough, a wholesome tradition.

Regeneratively grown

Ancient and heritage grains, from healthy soil in the Finger Lakes Region

Stone milled

Our whole grains are freshly milled in New York State on a pair of granite millstones


A slow 24-72 hour fermentation supports gut health and unlocks the full nutritional potential of whole grains


Crafted with wholesome, simple ingredients. 100% delicious. Nothing artificial.

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