The 5 Tools Your Need for Sourdough Bread Baking

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The Only 5 Tools You Need to Start Making Sourdough Bread at Home

Here are the only tools you need to make sourdough bread at home. In total everything is under $100.

#1 Bakers scale ($10). Probably the most important thing - it's basically your life force for accurate baking and measurements.

#2 Lame ($10). this is how your able to score your dough before baking. You can get one like this or this one is similar to the one I have - I find the handle easier to grip.

 #3 Banneton or proofing bowl ($15). I never used a formal Banneton until recently and it's absolutely life changing. After you shape your dough, this is where it will rest. It also helps it retain structure.

#4 Bench scraper ($10). Used to shape dough, divide it, keep it from sticking your table, and so much more.  

#5 - Dutch oven ($49). Absolutely essential. You might already have one, if not this one is the perfect workhorse and the one I currently still use. I'm probably going to get this one soon which is slightly more expensive and looks cute.

The Exact Sourdough Tools I Use (Extended List)

This is the exact equipment I own, in case you want to get the same thing.

  1. Baker's Scale
  2. Lame
  3. Banneton Round Small, Banneton Oval Small, Banneton Round Large, Banneton Oval Large
  4. Banneton Covers - keep dough from drying out while in your banneton. You can also cover instead with plastic wrap or a towel.
  5. Parchment Paper (need this for baking)
  6. Dutch Oven
  7. Dough Scraper
  8. Mixing Bowls with lids
  9. Sourdough Starter Jar with Lids
  10. Wood Spoon for Sourdough Starter

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